We want to help you take your ideas to new business sectors and new markets.

In this competitive environment you have to leave the old beaten path and continually explore new ways of expansion, improvement, and change. As an independent con-sulting firm we can guide you through these BUSINESS ROUTES and take your change process on the expansion road to success. We help find the most efficient way for globally active companies to invest in the German market.

We not only develop concepts, we also provide process support and performance-based implementation.

We'd like you to find out more of what we do best. If you have specific needs for con-sultation, or are interested in finding out more information about our company, by all means send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible… if not imme-diately.

Our offer also targets those in the public sector and institutions, in particular those in economic development and inward investment promotion, seeking to reposition themselves and their location in new markets.

You will find additional services for public customers on our PUBLIC GATE online portal.

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